Hi! My name is Cadence and I am the artist behind Cadence Vinyls.


I started painting on vinyl records because I had a great deal of free time, and though I wasn't aware of it, an abundance of untapped creative energy.  I have always considered myself an artistic person, but I never felt passionate enough about any of the hobbies I had tried - everything from photography to jewelry making - to stick with it and hone my skills.


In the summer of 2013, the combination of a few factors inspired me to start painting vinyl records.  I was living in New Orleans and both of my roommates had recently moved out: one roommate took his record player, and the other left behind a box of old, unplayable records.  I had seen a friend using a record as a mixing palette for her paint and I thought: what if I combined vinyl records and paint, but made the vinyl the canvas instead of the palette? 


A few months after my initial experimentation, I used my birth name to my advantage and Cadence Vinyls was born. A few months after that, I was open for business.


I paint my records completely freehand and each vinyl is one-of-a-kind.  A full size (33RPM) vinyl takes upwards of 20 hours!  Though it looks (and can be!) tedious work, it is a very relaxing and meditative process and the hours can fly by before I've realized it.  


I so love painting these works of art - I hope you love them too!


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